Jamel Ghomari
eng · spa · fra

What we have here is a work of visual art, a work which accepts the risk of a constant change that offers different interpretations.

It involves and requires the spectator's mental participation, between a clear or a barely perceptible meaning, which will allow the artwork to be dynamic and stable at the same time. In concrete terms, it is a alignment of many paintings of different sizes with aluminum boards used as backup material.These boards contain translucid elements, such as transparent polyester and different sorts of varnishes.The artist makes suggestions,but the spectator , involved and confronted to this work, is the one who makes the final decision.

This artwork is self structured and takes over all the space, turning it into an identity. The transparencies send reflections which provoke a constant activity and holds the viewer who becomes an active interpreter. This spectator has an essential role in the conception of space, and thus,gets closer to the work.The reflection sends back the viewer's look and activates many perceptions and concepts such as life and emptiness,tranquility and turmoil, obviousness and suggestion,intimacy and distance, shade and light, clearness and haziness which are notions of perspective.

After the unrest of senses, the spectator starts thinking and that's when the vision of space and its interpretation become possible.

Jamel Ghomari.